Three Easy Steps to Fantastic eBay Motors Auctions!

Template Features

HD Auctions templates not only give your personal vehicle or entire inventory a huge advantage over other eBay auctions, they are each carefully designed to show beautifully on all major web-browsers and all types of computer screen sizes-from iPhones to HDTVs. When every bid counts, you need as many potential buyers seeing your auction in the correct way.

Large Selection/New Releases

Whether you need to sell a Buick or a Bugatti, HD Auctions has a template for it. Because our templates are so flexible, most will match to any type of vehicle. However, if you need something more geared for a rugged SUV or classic American muscle car, we have more specific designs for these as well. On top of that members get access to all of our newest monthly releases.

High Impact Designs

Our templates are designed for MAXIMUM IMPACT. This does not equate to sleazy or flashy designs, distracting third party links, or a rainbow of font colors and backgrounds. Making an auction stand out requires careful design with clean gradients, thoughtful font usage, and a layout that keeps readers interested in your car while staying pleased at the well-designed surroundings your vehicle’s images and description are displayed within.

Description Generator

Every HD Auctions  template has its own unique and powerful description generator that automatically inserts the images and description into the template exactly where they need to be, without ever having to edit the HTML. Every time you login to HD Auctions your last description will be saved for reuse, making listing multiple vehicles very efficient.

Cross-Browser Compatible

Our templates are extensively tested on multiple browser platforms including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Netscape. The last thing you want are qualified buyers clicking away from your auction because their browser doesn’t display your auction correctly.

Free Image Host Compatible

Why pay to have your images hosted when you can use a totally free service? Google’s, and Yahoo’s are not only free, they’re superior. Even paid image hosting services like Vendio can’t even come close. Never again will you have to pay eBay or Vendio  for hosting your images.

Unlimited Images/Video

We know successful eBay sellers tend to show dozens, if not up to a hundred images of their vehicle. This is why our templates gracefully support as many as you need to display. Typically your “eye catching” photos are displayed at the beginning and the remaining dozens or hundreds are displayed in full-sized list format at the end of the template. Simple, yet effective. This let’s many high resolution images download in the background while the user is focusing on your featured images and description. Our templates also support Youtube video embed code.

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